Septic Tank & Sewage Treatment Plant Repair & Servicing Norwich, Norfolk

How treatment plants and septic tanks work

All drains in the property or business premises converge to a single pipe that leads to the septic tank buried outside. When the waste water from your toilet, shower, sinks and washing machine leave your house, it's combined. At the septic tank it naturally begins to separate with the heaviest matter in the waste sinking to the bottom. The comparatively clear liquid layer called effluent is the middle layer and septic tank systems are designed so that only the effluent is discharged from the tank through a set of pipes with holes drilled into them below ground but above the water table. The effluent is degraded enough to be well-filtered by good soil. There's plenty of organic material left in the effluent, though, which acts as fertilizer.

Emptying, Servicing and Problems

Simple as their design may be, septic tanks and treatment plants need owners to arrange regular emptying, to check them and to arrange routine servicing. As well as their emptying service available to customers throughout Norfolk and Suffolk, R & G Services have the knowledge and experience to service, and supply parts for, a wide range of septic tanks and treatment plant systems including many well-known tank, plant and pump manufacturers and suppliers including:

  • Marsh Tricell
  • Bio Disc
  • Conder
  • Klargester
  • Mantair
  • Titan
  • WPL

Failure to carry out servicing of your septic tank or treatment plant will lead to problems and usually, once a problem becomes obvious, it's too late for any simple solution but if you do have a problem, donít panic, keep calm and call R & G Services on 01603 462558!

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